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Does it feel like you are missing something in your life? You have a nice job, loving family, good car, possibility to travel but all this doesn’t bring satisfaction anymore? Relationships seem to become a routine and it looks like passion is gone... Lack of adventures in everyday life... I think, I could be the solution💖

I can give you inspiration, can make you feel loved and adored, wake you up with passion... If you deserve that. Do you? Treat me like a princess, and I’ll make you King🤴🏻 or Queen 👸🏻

What if there will be no another life? You should dare now and here. Get what you want and don’t regret. Be a person who
does things others could only dream of, who embraces a woman others stare breathless at💓

Meet me in Oslo at my discreet and cozy place or invite me wherever in the world. But please notice that I’m interested in communication with polite gentlemen, ladies and couples only👨🏼‍💼👩🏼‍💼

As additional to fairytale I have an astonishing friend Emma to intense a dose of beauty in your life, if you’re looking for kind of ‘Sultan’ experience😉

If this presentation is not enough, please, read my blog, check my website and Instagram to gather more information about me, and If you think that we match, make an appointment via email, SMS, calls, Viber, WhatsApp (✅+4796685160) by sending a brief self-introduction, time, length and place of our meeting. If you still have any questions or doubts - contact me as well, please. I’ll response to you as soon as possible.

It’s time to add some unpredictable magic in stable rational life, isn’t it?..✨


P.S. Don’t be afraid according your safety: I’m professional secret-keeper🗝
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Reach the witch:
+4796685160 (calls, SMS, WApp, Viber)
@mymonicagreen (Instagram, Twitter)
Dette bildet kan zoomes opp

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