My pictures are real:) I offer camshow on skype and i do everything in your fantasy:) SKYPE: 5min , 400kr 10min, 600kr 15min, 800kr 20min, 1200kr This is prices for most of my standard services how you would like. If you like something more dirty and perverted so there will be extra charge of course. Such as golden shower/piss and other role play or fantasies you might have. Feel free to ask me. I have a man i can contact if you would like see me in action. I am doing EVERYTHING for the right price:) Snapchat pictures: 5 stk= 300kr 10stk= 600kr sms flirt: (959 09 970) 15min, 300kr 30min, 500kr If i do not answer you, it is because i am busy, but i will contact you when i have time. Kiss:) If longer correspondance and we get to know eachother better...i MIGHT be open for a meeting with you:)) NAT


gledesjenten89 (F)
September 2017
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March 2018


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