Law in Norway

I am a bit confused with the advertisement of escorts in Norway, I mean most of these girls pictures look like they belong in Penthouse! Using the escort ads, is this a way to trap customers using the police? Can the police put in a undercover escort in the ads? Whats the penalty in Norway if they trap you using a escort ad? Is it a fine to pay like a ticket, or do they put you in jail till you go to court?


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    You get fine up to 25000 NOK. No jail.

    It's easy to avoid a fine. Just book girl after asking what services she offer. Do never ever ask for sexual services yourself. Girl must do the offer - not you. Police is not allowed to ask for sexual services. When she arrive you ask her to strip and nothing else. If she don't accept she is for sure police and you can aks her to leave as you have done nothing illegal. If she accept then it's the real deal. If later police catch you outside building then just say "no comment" or "stripping is legal". Before you go out be sure condoms are wrapped into toilet paper and flushed in toilet. As there is no proof what you have done you will win any case in court if they try make you pay 25000. The people who pay such fines are catched in the car outside while having sex and they don't check if any cars follows after (very stupid to not check that), or they just say "Oh, yes, I paid for sex". Just refuse and you will win the case as a court need solid proof. Escort girls may lie too because some of them hates men. What girl say is no proof.
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